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House Rules & Policies

In order to ensure a pleasant stay and avoid any misunderstandings please be so kind to read the property’s policies. By confirming the booking and accepting the property’s policies it is understood that you have read and accepted these regulations and that you will completely adhere to them.

  1. Upon arrival you are required to show a copy of your ID/Passport to the owner. In case the owner needs to keep your details for their records he/she is obliged to take a photo or a photocopy on the spot and return the documents to you.
  2. The property owner has no right to enter the house/villa or use the guest’s personal belongings without prior announcement to and permission from the guest. The host can enter the apartment in the absence of the guest only when there is reason to believe that the apartment or guest is in danger or that the guest violated the property rules.
  3. The property owner is not responsible for the guest’s belongings, but will do anything in her or his power to protect and warn the guest of possible dangers. You are strongly advised to always use the safety deposit box provided at the property for your valuables.
  4. Pets are allowed / not allowed according to policies mentioned in the accommodation’s website. In case pets are allowed this is only with the written permission of the agent or the host. Bringing pets without prior announcement is not allowed, and the property owner and the agency have the right to cancel the reservation.
  5. Parties and loud music are not welcomed in the property without prior notice and written permission from the owner. In case you would like to host an event or party during your stay please inform the owner or the agency in advance.
  6. Noise levels: As per Greek Law, guests are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum between the hours of 14:00 – 17:30 and 23:00 – 8:00. For the consideration of our neighbors please keep noise level to a minimum at all times and refrain from playing music loudly during hours specified.
  7. Inappropriate behavior & use of alcohol or drugs: Moderate and controlled use of alcohol on the premises is perfectly acceptable, whereas possession and use of drugs is strictly forbidden (by law) at all times. Management reserves the right to terminate any guest’s stay immediately, without prior notice or refund, in the event of any acts of aggression, violence (verbal or physical), disturbance of the neighbors, damage to property or any use of alcohol deemed inappropriate or if found under the influence of drugs.
  8. As we are environmentally conscious please take good care of the property and surrounding areas, and turn off electric appliances and taps. Do not leave the air-conditioner on if there is no need for it, for example, while you are out of the house and do not use it with open windows and doors. Please close all the doors and windows when out and also turn off water taps, power and gas.
  9. Furniture, equipment and house fixtures: All houses have been furnished with great care and many pieces of furniture are one-of-a-kind, including original pieces of artwork. All guests are asked to treat furniture and equipment with consideration. Mishaps or small damages incurred (up to 50 euros) are not charged to the guests. In case of loss of keys to entrance doors of the property, an extra charge of 50 euro applies in order to change the locks.
  10. The guest who causes damage to property on purpose or by accident will have to make restitution for the full amount of damage. At the day or arrival the guest is requested to inspect the property for any minor issues or damages and report anything worthy of attention.
  11. At the departure day, the guest is obliged to invite the property owner to check in his /her presence all rooms and property appliances to prove that they are not damaged. Only then is the guest allowed to depart. Damages that will be evaluated to more than 50 Euro may be required to be paid before departure. All unreported damages will be claimed afterwards in a lawsuit against the guest.
  12. Number of persons – Occupancy: The number of persons allowed for the duration of your stay is the number of persons agreed upon at the time of booking. In case that during check-in there are extra guests than the number of persons agreed and the accommodation / agency has not received previous notice, the property reserves the right to cancel the reservation or apply extra charges.
  13. Persons who are not the villa’s guests are not allowed to stay overnight, to reside all day long at the premises or use the house appliances without explicit consent of the property owner. In case unregistered persons or persons that are not announced during reservation are found in the room, the property owner and agency have the right to cancel the reservation or apply extra charges. If absent from the premises for longer than 2 days, please inform the property owner or the agency.
  14. On the day of your arrival, you may enter the property after the agreed check-in time (that is mentioned in your reservation confirmation) and at the day of the departure, you are kindly requested to leave the property until the agreed check out time so that it can be cleaned and prepared for other guests. An earlier check in or/and later check out may be possible if the property is available always after the consent of the agency or the owner. Extra charges may apply.
  15. If you decide to depart earlier than agreed, payment must be made according to the previously agreed policies or according to the Greek Law.
  16. In case there is any balance to be paid to the accommodation upon arrival the payment is required to be made within 24 hours from the arrival time unless the booking policies specify otherwise.
  17. Use of vehicles such as motorbikes or quads (“gourounes”), around and within the compound, the gardens or pool area (if offered in the accommodation) is not allowed. The guests’ vehicles can be parked at the available parking space or at the street.
  18. Pool Area*: The pool can be used between the allowed hours (specified by the property owner). Please note that diving is strictly forbidden and the management of the property is not liable for any injuries incurred from diving. Although children are welcome in the pool we ask that a guardian always be present to ensure their safety. Glass or ceramic tableware is not allowed next to the pool. Guests are fully responsible for use of the pool at all times. Please notify general management immediately in case of an emergency or damaged equipment.
    *This condition is applied ONLY in properties offering a swimming pool.
  19. The guest who violates property policies and disturbs the peace will be unconditionally refused accommodation. In case the property owner or agency cancels the reservation due to violation of property policies, the guest will be required to pay the total amount for the stay during the reserved period, regardless of a shorter stay.
  20. By consenting on the above before booking it is agreed that upon arrival and checking in, the guest is familiar with the house policies and agrees to obligations and conditions prescribed by it. Any disputes that cannot be resolved in agreement with the property owner or agency will be resolved through police intervention or in legal proceedings before. Complaints will be considered only if they have been reported during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration.
  21. Please note that if any neighbors notify management or the police of inappropriate noise levels, use of quads in the complex, or any inappropriate behavior that causes disturbance to either management or the neighbors, including behavior related to alcohol or drug use, management reserves the right to terminate the guest’s stay immediately, without prior notice and without a refund.

The House Policies follow the custom and practice of the catering and tourism industry.

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